Synway VoIP Gateways

Synway VoIP Gateway

Synway VoIP Gateways give your customers access to new technologies such as IP voice networks. Leveraging from their current legacy telephony hardware and increase reliability and huge cost savings.

Controlled Migration to IP

Compatible with general FXO/FXS lines, and a variety of popular PBX manufacturers (Digital PSTN lines compliance
would be available), and protects investment in legacy telecommunications equipment.

User-Friendly Management

Supports configuration via serial, Telnet, and a web browser including context-sensitive help. Synway VoIP Gateways are are easy to install, configure, debug and maintain.

Web Server Interface

Each Gateway unit is delivered with a web server interface, allowing configuration and software upgrades via a web browser; allowing gateway units to be added or removed without affecting other gateways.

Synway VoIP Gateway

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