Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams using secure encrypted voice connectivity.

Seamlessly connect your Company with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

Microsoft Teams cloud

The most feature rich integration allowing you to scale your voice and media interactions to handle several calls within in the Microsoft Office 635 Teams cloud.

Company Voice

Connect your customers to Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and start making the move today. 

Teams Direct Routing

Teams Direct Routing allows for multiple secure encrypted voice connections into  for each individual user.

VProvider and Microsoft

Seamless integration between Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and VoBI VProvider Softswitch.

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    Why Microsoft Teams Direct?

    • Microsoft Teams Direct Routing makes unified communications a breeze.
    • Easy Transition to Voice and Video Calling on Teams. By integrating with any existing off-premise or on-premise phone system.
    • Choose who can use Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, any user can be transitioned to Microsoft teams Direct Routing whilst some users remain on their existing off-premise or on-premise phone system. Wiht hassle free transitioning all users can easily be transitioned to Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.
    • Support for Analog Devices. If your company has decided to take advantage of Microsoft teams Direct Routing but has analog devices such as elevator phones or overhead pagers, cordless phones or fax machines, any of these devices can be connected to Microsoft teams Direct Routing.


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