VProvider Marketing and Billing Features

VProvider Billing Features are extensive and work seamlessly with multiple levels of customers and re-sellers. Customers can define their own settings if you choose to allow them to, and they and any re-sellers are billed automatically.

Pre-paid or Post-paid Billing Features

You have the option to charge with either pre-paid or post-paid billing options, or similarly for inbound or outbound calls, single virtual telephone numbers or virtual telephone number ranges. You even have the power to create custom charges for services such as NBN Internet or Maintenance Contracts.

VProvider Billing Features & Custom Charges

Your re-seller’s can set charges for any Outbound Calls, Specific Numbers (whole numbers or even prefixes), Telephone Extensions, Web GUI access, Mailboxes, Hunt groups, Queues, etc. They can create as many unique pricing plan’s as they need. These are called rate plans and can be allocated to a single customer, or multiple customers on their account.

Set and Forget Invoicing

Set and forget billing is available, which allows pricing, or rate plans, to be
pre-configured for any customer, and the system will automatically charge them when the date arrives. This allows for the organisation of billing in advance, streamlining your business and reducing your workload.

Custom Web Interface Profiles

With VProvider you can choose to provide your customers with a complete PBX interface, which allows them to manage their own PBX, or you could opt to provide a more simplified SIP Trunking wholesale interface. VProvider is a truly Multi-Tenant Platform whereby your customers, and your re-sellers are unable to see other customers, or if their parent owner is a re-seller or not.

Easy Invoice Searching

Re-sellers can search their own current and past invoices which allows for batch printing. Features or products and services are numerous and there is no limit to the number that you can invoice your clients for.

Create As Many Rate Plans As You Want

Create as many rate plans as you want, or allow a Customer to inherit one you’ve already created with a click of a button. This allows for granular pricing control for a large set of customers, again saving you time.

Automatic Invoice Emailing

Invoices can be automatically generated for all customers with the choice of PDF and XML/XSLT formats. The VProvider system can automatically email invoices out monthly, or you can have them queued ready to check before sending. The intuitive web interface allows customers to search and/or download their invoices on demand.

Custom HTML Invoice Templates

Whether you have multiple VoIP companies across Australia or internationally, how your invoices are displayed can be controlled using HTML templates, with different templates for different groups of customers. You can set automatic email reminders if invoices become overdue.

Single or Bundled Features

The number of features per customer can be set, and free features can be configured for each customer independently. For example, a customer could be given 10 free telephone lines, then charged $12.95 per month for any extra, up to a maximum of 20, when they may add no more. Customers can be charged monthly, or every 3, 6 or 12 months.

Broadcast Emailing

You and your re-sellers have the ability to send broadcast emails to all customers, or to an uploaded text file of addresses.

Sell Retail Pre Paid Vouchers

Re-sellers can offer pre-paid vouchers which can be sold through retail channels. These vouchers can be redeemed by customers via the web management portal or via telephone.

Independent Call Charging

You can charge both inbound and outbound calls at different rates, and at different times of the day, and/or different days of the week

Custom Products and Services

Create your own diverse set of products and services for customers and allow your re-sellers in turn to create their own. Whether physical products, such as SIP phones, or services, such as blocks of minutes.

Charge For Additional Over Usage

In the same way, each individual customer can be restricted to a certain number of concurrent calls, inbound, outbound, and total calls. When they reach their limit of concurrent calls, the system can be configured to allow additional calls at extra cost, or refuse more calls.  Re-sellers can offer packages of extra concurrent calls as they wish. Emergency calls can override call limits. If pricing is updated, rate plans can also be updated accordingly.

Pre-define Call Minutes Per Rate Plan

A pre-set number of free minutes per month can be part of a rate plan, and when customers use up all of their minutes, pricing will revert to the normal charges in the rate plan. You can set the option for minutes to rollover to the next month.  Configure destinations via the web management portal that the included minutes can go to, and destinations can vary from rate plan to rate plan.

Configurable TAX Rates

GST, and other sales taxes, such as VAT, USF fees, etc, can be automatically calculated and added to invoices, transactions, and CDRs. You can apply multiple taxes, as either a percentage or a fixed amount. You mark customers and calling cards as either liable, or not, for each tax invoice.

Charge For External Products and Services

VProvider Billing Features allows you to assign other charges to your customer or
re-seller accounts for extras such as Telephone Lines, DSL circuits, etc. and these charges can be one-off, monthly, quarterly, or annually. These charges are integrated into billing and invoicing, and you can choose to automatically pro-rata charges.

Create Affiliates and Pay Commissions

An excellent feature of the VProvider System is that Affiliates can be created. The system owner and re-sellers can give a percentage of revenue from one customer (including re-sellers) to another customer. A clear breakdown of where revenue has come from, and this can be provided to Affiliates on their invoices.

Pre-paid Calling Cards

Create pre-paid calling cards with their own prices and features, set-up and ready for customers to buy, or for re-sellers to utilise. Re-sellers can even create their own. The cards can cut off the features and service when the credit runs out, and re-sellers can set whether a warning is played to the user, called party or both.

Allow Users To Make Multiple Outbound Calls From A Single Inbound call

VProvider Billing Features includes the ability to bill inbound and outbound calls simultaneously. Allow users to make multiple outbound calls from a single inbound call. Configure millions of cards on the one system. Cards can be used for public telephones, call shops, anywhere that a customer can walk in, pay, and make calls from one of the shops telephones.

Invoice Customers Separately for the Same Feature Sets

Mark sets of customers that have shared telephony features, while keeping their billing separate. In this way, a customer can route calls between PBX features in different departments, while billing each department for their calls.

Self Signup Wizard

Customer sign-up is made easy with a Self-Service Wizard. You and your re-sellers can set up various rate plans, or payment plan options that customers can choose from when they sign-up.

Click to Call on the Web

Click to call on the web interface and JSON API can be used for both outgoing and incoming calls. Incoming calls can be routed to any feature of the system such as telephones, queues, hunt groups, etc, making creation of ‘Click here to call us’ links on customers own websites. The customer is billed for any chargeable calls. This feature may include charges for development.

Create Unlimited IVR's

Allow your re-sellers to create an unlimited call IVR which allows callers to call in without the need for authentication. They can then call any destination costing the System Owner less than the revenue they receive for the incoming call itself.

Set Profit Margins and Percentages

You can set allowed destinations via a minimum profit margin and percentage, maximum outbound call costs, and fine tune using a high class service.

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