VProvider System and Security Features

The VProvider System and Security Features are extensive and are highly secure within our Feature rich Multi-tenant VoIP Softswitch. All features listed below are included in VProvider and any system admin can choose any level of security they want to use based on their business requirements.

Multiple Countries Local Dial Plans

Telephones on the same system can be in different countries, and each use their local country’s dial plan. Customers can set this on a per telephone basis.

Mixed End Point Registrations

Telephones can be registered to VProvider, to a third party registrar, or to a combination of both.

Session Boarder Controler

Telephones can be behind NAT, with VProvider providing the facilities of a Session Border Controller (SBC). The SIP OPTIONS ping of telephones can be controlled per telephone.

Intergrated Endpoint Provisioning

VProvider System and Security Features include Integrated provisioning for Aastra, Cisco, Digium, Grandstream, Linksys SPA, Snom, Polycom, and ZERO Touch provisioning for Htek and Yealink handsets using the vendors RPS servers. Provisioning templates can be created by each Wholesale Partner, which can be edited and managed via the web interface and applied to their customers. Other manufacturers are available on request. Development costs may apply.

Complete White Labeling

Completely white labelled so your identity continues to be advertised to new or existing customers, and emails, invoices and even SIP URI’s can be wholly customized to make VProvider platform your own.

Comprehensive JSON API

A comprehensive JSON API. This is capable of all the same actions as the VProvider web interface and handles authentication and data validation.

Create, Edit, Undo, Delete (CRUD)

The system can dynamically add new menus for local features, links to external websites, and links to your own support portal or user guides, etc. Different sets of customers can see different menus based on their user rights.

Supporting SIP Industry Standards

VProvider connects to any third-party system supported by the industry Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) RFC:3261. This includes all common SIP Telephones/Desk Phones and Softphones, all common SIP PBXs, Traditional PBXs and PSTN providers supporting Primary Rate ISDN over T0 (ISDN2) or T2 (ISDN10), Analogue Telephone Lines, IP gateways and others.

Complete Call Volume Statistics

You can view statistics of call volumes, with minimum, maximum, and average call volumes for all calls, SIP calls, and T2 (ISDN10) / T0 (ISDN2) calls on all customers, or any individual machine, and between any two given dates.

SIP Trunking Termination

Wholesale Partners can create SIP Trunking customers of which can be administered purely from the web, with authentication via SIP username and passwords, source IP addresses, or called number prefixes. All calls are required to be authenticated using SIP username and password, source IP address, account and PIN, etc, before being allowed to call externally.

Custom Classes of Service

Customer Administrators can limit which destinations users may call using classes of service. Classes can be defined down to an individual number. Classes can be controlled by time of day, day of week, etc. Wholesale Partners can limit which destinations customers may call using classes of service.

Multiple Audio Codec Support

All system sound files are provided in high quality G.722, standard quality G.711, and compressed G.729, to reduce transcoding CPU requirements.

Blocking of Known SIP Scanners

IP packets from known scanners are automatically rejected. Optionally, only certain SIP User Agents may be allowed. All User Agents are to be approved before they are implemented on VProvider.

IP Address Restrictions

SIP registration and calls can be limited to individual source IP addresses, or multiple ranges of source IP addresses per telephone line. The source IP address can be automatically detected on first registration, and automatically locked to that address.

Daily Call Spend Limits

Each customer and telephone line can have a daily spending limit set. If they exceed this, all their calls are locked until manually unlocked. They are automatically sent a warning email when approaching their limit.

Web Access and Alerts

Web logins can be limited to multiple ranges of source IP addresses per account. Alerts can be sent for failed SIP registrations. Alerts can be sent by email or text message for abnormal or potentially fraudulent calls, based on destination, duration, cost, number of concurrent calls, etc. Additional charges apply for SMS Alert integration.

Credit Limits and Call Barring

Once a customer’s balance reaches their credit limit, they can make no more billable calls. A temporary credit limit can be applied to each customer, controlled by time of day, day of week, etc.

Per Customer SSL Certificates and Domains

VProvider System and Security Features continue with each Wholesale Partner being able to have SSL for their custom system domain and the web interface supports SSL (requires third party certificate, to be provided). Please enquire about installation and configuration charges as these may apply.

T069 Provisioning and WebRTC

TR-069 CWMP provisioning. WebRTC server, development required for custom built WebRTC applications.

Click to Call and Call Queuing Intergration

Click to call website integration. Customers can click a link on any website and the call will be made to the system and routed to its destination. QueueMetrics integration. Development charges apply.

Operator Panels and Reporting Intergrations

Voice Operator Panel, a SIP softphone for operators and receptionists with Outlook/LDAP/XMPP/MSN/CRM integration. QueueInsight integration. Development charges apply.

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Deploying VProvider multi-tenant softswitch is easier than ever with our fully trained and qualified telecommunications engineers. The VProvider System and Security Features are extensive and are highly secure within our Feature rich Multi-tenant VoIP Softswitch. We include ongoing local Australian support and pre-sales advice for every customer using VProvider.


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