SIP Addresses

SIP addresses allow external callers to call users on the system via SIP URIs of the form <user>@<domain>. This feature must be enabled by the system administrator before being used.

To add a new SIP address

  1. Log in to the VProvider web interface.
  2. Go to Features ยป SIP addresses.
  3. Click the “New” button.
  4. Enter the following:
    • The SIP URI to be called. The user part is free-form letters, numbers, underscores, dashes, and dots, and must begin with a letter. The domain part must be one of the domains that the system administrator has enabled for SIP addresses.
    • Optionally a description.
    • The owner. This person may edit the SIP address even if they are not an administrator.
    • Whether to screen calls. If set to yes, the person answering will be asked if they wish to accept the call.
    • Optionally force the callerid. This should normally be set to “Original”.
    • Optionally the caller name. This allows users on a SIP telephone to see which number the call came from. If not set, the caller name supplied by the caller will be used.
    • Whether the caller name setting above replaces the caller name supplied by the caller, prepends to it, or appends to it.
    • Optionally hang up the call after a certain number of minutes.
    • Which record group to use to record calls, if you have any.
    • Which music to play to callers on hold, if you have any.
    • Whether to display this number in the control panel.
    • The destination to route calls to this SIP address to.
  5. Click the “Save” button.