How to configure Mitel provisioning

To configure Mitel provisioning

Add “mitel” to the “Provision models” setting under System » Configuration. If there is already a setting, add a “,mitel” to the end – for example “snom,mitel”.
Set the “SIP domain” custom setting for the system rate plan (normally called “Your own rate plan”) to be the hostname or IP address that telephones should register to.
Wait one minute for these setting to take effect.
Go to Features » Provisioning, and edit the Mitel template to suit.
Edit a telephone line on VProvider web interface, and set the MAC address. If there are multiple lines on the same physical telephone, the accounts can be suffixed with “-1”, “-2”, etc. For



for the first line on physical telephone 00:11:22:33:44:55. When done, save the telephone line.
Point the telephone to “http:///provision/mitel/”.