Get Call Recordings of a Call

Gets the fields of a call recording.

Input parameters

Requires authentication and the record role privilege.

Name Type Description Required Default value
auth_username String Authentication username. Yes
auth_password String Authentication password. Yes
recordgroup Integer ID of record group to get from. Yes
uniqueid String Unique ID of call recording to get. Yes
recordid String Record ID of call recording to get. Yes
encoding String “base64” to return recording base64 encoded, “raw” to return raw data. No “raw”
sha1 Integer 1 to include an SHA1 hash of the data, 0 not to. No 0

Computing the SHA1 hash is computationally expensive, so should only be used if needed.


Code Description
200 Success.
400 Invalid input parameters specified. Check the key and message fields for more details.
401 The authentication details provided are invalid.
402 Your role does not allow this.
404 The call recording does not exist, or you do not have permission to view it.

Data returned

Fields of call recording, including sound file.

Example: With required parameters;auth_password=password;recordgroup=123;uniqueid=1234567890;recordid=1

{ “responses”:[ { “code”:”200″, “key”:””, “message”:”OK” } ], “data”:{ “uniqueid”:”1234567890″, … } }