Get a list of completed CDR’s (Call Detail Records)

Gets fields of a completed call.

Input parameters

Requires authentication and the callshop or cdrs role privileges.

Name Type Description Required Default value
auth_username String Authentication username. Yes
auth_password String Authentication password. Yes
uniqueid String Uniqueid of call to get. Yes
customer String or integer Customer to get costs for. No Customer of authentication user.


Code Description
200 Success.
400 Invalid input parameters specified. Check the key and message fields for more details.
401 The authentication details provided are invalid.
402 Your role does not allow this.
403 Your rate plan does not allow this.
404 The call does not exist, or you do not have permission to view it.

Data returned

The fields of the call. Costs are returned in the currency of the authentication user.

Example: With required parameters;auth_password=password;uniqueid=1234567890.123456

{ “responses”:[ { “code”:”200″, “key”:””, “message”:”OK” } ], “data”:{ “uniqueid”:”1234567890.123456″, “start”:1234567890, … },