Create CDR Entries

Creates a new completed call. This call will normally have occurred on some external system.

Input parameters

Requires authentication and the system role privilege.

Name Type Description Required Default value
auth_username String Authentication username. Yes
auth_password String Authentication password. Yes
uniqueid String Uniqueid. Yes
machine String Machine. Yes
start Integer Start Unix timestamp. Yes
scustomer Integer ID of customer making call. Yes
stype String Source type. No Empty string.
snumber String Source number. No Empty string.
spresent Integer Source presentation in ISDN format. No 0
sname String Source caller name. No Empty string.
ctype String Called type. No Empty string.
cnumber String Called number. No Empty string.
dcustomer Integer ID of destination customer. No Same as scustomer.
dtype String Destination type. No Empty string.
dnumber String Destination number. No Empty string.
callid String Callid. No Same as uniqueid.
channel String Channel. No Empty string.
cost Decimal Cost to customer making call. No 0.00
currency String Currency cost is in. No System currency.
end Integer End Unix timestamp. No Same as start.
ingroup_time Integer ID of ingroup_time. No 0
invoice Integer ID of invoice. 0 for none. No 0
media String Media. “fax”, “message”, or “voice”. No “voice”
messages Integer Number of included messages used. No 0
note String Note to attach to call. No Empty string.
outgroup_time Integer ID of outgroup_time. No 0
peer Integer ID of peer. 0 for none. No 0
recording String Recording path. No Empty string.
status String Call status. “answer”, “busy”, “cancel”, “chanunavail”, “congestion”, “error”, “noanswer”. No “answer”
talktime Integer Talk time in seconds. No end – start
taxes String Comma separated list of taxes to apply. No Empty string.
time Integer Included time used in seconds. No 0
totaltime Integer Total time in seconds. No end – start
update_balance Integer 1 to update balance of customer making call, 0 not to. No 1
update_invoices Integer 1 to update any affected invoices, 0 not to. No 1
validation Integer 1 to validate input then return, 0 for full action. No 0


Code Description
201 Input passed validation. Only returned if validation=1.
204 Success.
400 Invalid input parameters specified. Check the key and message fields for more details.
401 The authentication details provided are invalid.
402 Your role does not allow this.