Why are Call Detail Record’s (CDR’s) so important in business?

Why are Call Detail Record’s (CDR’s) so important in business?

A CDR log lists every billable communications transmission on your account. This allows phone companies to generate your phone bills, and allow you to keep definite records of how and when your phone system was used. They are primarily used by businesses to assist in call reporting and billing.

A CDR typically shows data broken down either by user or by phone number. A CDR generated for a single user can show specific metrics, such as call volume and minutes for that person. A CDR for a phone number gives you more of a bird’s eye view of how your phone system is used on a business-wide level.

What does CDR include?

  • When the call took place (date and time)
  • How long the call lasted (in minutes)
  • Who called whom (source and destination phone numbers)
  • What kind of call was made (inbound, outbound, toll-free)
  • How much the call cost (based on a per minute rate and if configured)

The ability to generate Call Detail Reports is a very useful business tool. It can help:

  • Resolve disputes.
  • Keep records of how funding is spent.
  • Log usage of the telephone system.
  • CDRs can be used to identify calling trends for, i.e. better management and personnel decisions by analysing patterns.
  • Tracking where advertisement is effective, or not, by monitoring what numbers customers are calling. You may have advertisements in different locations showing different numbers for each advertisement.
  • Monitor sales calls.
  • Monitor staff usage.
  • Charging staff for specific calls i.e. personal or non-business calls.
  • Find out who’s on the phone the longest.
  • How much money each employee spends per call.
  • Working out how much you should bill a client – every legal agent uses this facility.
  • Better management of your employees and save on resources for your business.
  • Report on a phone number.
  • Indicate how much money specific offices or groups are spending on calling minutes. This is useful if your business has several phone numbers for different locations or departments. This kind of report allows you to take an aggregate look at your company’s calling activities.

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