What is the VProvider Multi-Tenant Softswitch?

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VProvider is a feature rich cloud-based multi-tenant softswitch.

It is a complete carrier-grade unified communications platform, which includes desktop clients for Windows and Mac, and smartphone clients for iOS and Android.

VProvider can be white-labelled for any company wanting to go to market and sell telecommunications products and services.

The VProvider multi-tenant softswitch integrates with all current telephone systems, even outdated legacy systems that do not support native SIP Trunking or VoIP Lines, including all common Open SIP desk phones and telephones, all common SIP and IAX PBX Phone Systems, and PSTN providers supporting Primary Rate ISDN over E1 (primary rate), or T0 (basic rate), and many others.

The VProvider carrier-grade softswitch can be used in not only a pure VoIP environment but also a traditional telephony environment, or a hybrid environment, making it ideal for transitioning legacy PBX environments to VoIP.

Here are just some of the offerings that VProvider can deliver to your customers:

  • Feature rich cloud-based white label multi-tenant softswitch.
  • Options to host yourself, or VoBI Managed Services Australia can host your very own softswitch for you.
  • ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) services. * Toll-free and number translation services.
  • Calling cards. * Call shops. * Online Fax Service * Wholesale SIP Trunking
  • Retail SIP Trunking
  • Residential VOIP
  • Outbound Dialling Service
  • Cloud PBX
  • Inbound DDI termination Service

VoBI Managed Services Australia are here to assist you with setting up your own completely white labelled telecommunications business. Contact us for a demo today or request access to your very own demo system.

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