A FREE Telephone and Communications System for any Organization


Unlimited Users

As your business grows, be sure to never have to worry about expencive upgrades.


In-built Security, Peace of mind your day to day communication are secure.


Host your communications locally within your organisation. Negate the cost of hositng.


Host your communications in the cloud, negating on premise hardware costs.




Successfully deployed and in operation today...

Absolutly FREE

We provide you vPBX absolutely FREE of charge and if you need help installing and configuring your new vPBX then you can purchase cost effective remote support. Its that simple.


In today’s cyber environment anyone running a business phone system you should be aware of security hazards and avoid them. vPBX offers various levels of protection against cyber threats in the VoIP world.


We can help with everything from implementation assistance to upgrades and in production emergencies. vPBX  support are a team of dedicated experts and professionals who communicate clearly and focus on rapid problem resolution.

  • A complete unified communications platform that can be installed on any physical hardware or as an cloud PBX application.
  • vPBX offers a friendly graphical user interface (GUI) between you and the complex world of modern communications.
  • vPBX will help you implement a secure commercial telephone system or cloud PBX for your company, save you money the minute you have it up and running and then being able take advantage of the latest communication innovations and provide opportunities to integrate your business processes if you wish to do so in the future.

A FREE commercial telephone system for companies of any size.


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